NYS Bill Would Require Yeshivas, Private Schools To Report Sex Abuse Allegations

Albany, NY – A Republican Assemblyman is pushing for passage of legislation which would require private school administrators to report allegations of sexual abuse.

Unlike public school officials who are mandated reporters, no such law exists on the books for private schools.

This exception for private schools has contributed to many unreported incidents of child sex abuse at private institutions such as Horace Mann, Yeshiva University High School, and Poly Prep.

“The sad fact is so many students have been abused in schools and it is not reported,” Assemblyman David McDonough (R-Merrick) told the Daily News. “You can’t continue to sweep this stuff under the rug. Parents are surprised to learn that their kids are not protected under the laws of New York.

I’m confident we will send a bill to the Governor. This is for the protection of kids.”

Mary Pulido, executive director of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, applauded McDonough’s legislation.

“The private schools can do whatever the heck they want in terms of sexual abuse. It is such an easy fix.

It doesn’t require any money, and it gives private school kids the same protections as public school students.”

McDonough’s introduced his bill in the Assembly last month with bipartisan support of 23 sponsors, but does not yet have a Senate sponsor.

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