One Dead, Multiple Injured In Terror Attack In Hamburg

One person is dead and several others have been injured in knife attack at a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg police have arrested a suspect after a reported knife attack in which one person was killed.

Police are reportedly looking for a second suspect. There is no word on whether or not this incident is related to terrorism.

The unidentified attacker ran into an Edeka shop before stabbing multiple customers. Heavily armed police locked the area down while an ambulance helicopter also arrived on scene.

According to BILD, the attack took place between Fuhlsbüttler and Hermann Kauffmann in the district of Barmbek, Hamburg just after 3 PM local time.

A witness also told Bild that ‘the man has suddenly struck out on customers, there was one dead and several injured.’

Police have urged civilians to avoid the area where the attack took place. There is still no word on the motive of the attack.

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