2 Dead 8 Injured Injured in Dizengoff Shooting In Tel Aviv

There is much confusion surrounding a shooting that occurred a short time ago on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street in the area of Gordon Street. At least six people are wounded in what appears to have been a shooting inside a gay bar, with the shooter using an automatic weapon. The shooter remains at large at this time.

Needless to say police are sealing down the area, which is the heart of Tel Aviv.

At least two of the victims are in critical condition.

More to follow.

15:00: Police are now looking for two persons believed involved in the shooting, a male and female. MDA, Ichud Hatzalah and Zaka are operating on the scene. Elite police units are sealing off the area as the shooter(s) remains at large. The motive for the attack is unknown at this time. It appears police do not think it is a terror attack. Perhaps it is related to the fact the shooting occurred in a gay bar.

It is reported now that there is one DOA on the scene and two persons in critical condition with another four or so in moderate condition.

15:08: As one can see from the image of the pager, Magen David Adom sent out the call for a mass casualty incident at 14:39, sending EMS units to the “Simta” pub at 130 Dizengoff in the heart of the city. In the pager messages the abbreviation “Facha” (פח”ע)is used, denoting a terror attack but at this point it appears to be an attacked directed against the gay community and not terror.

Channel 2 News reports it is believed the shooter used a Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle.

15:14: A suspect who is believed to be the shooter was reportedly apprehended near 56 Gordon Street. Police are still trying to piece together the events towards understanding the motive for the attack. The Israel Police elite Yomam anti-terror unit has arrived and is operating in the area along with dozens of uniformed forces with automatic weapons. Police are also working from the air with a chopper in an effort to apprehend anyone with a connection to the shooting.

15:15: A total of ten people have been wounded. One has been declared dead and at least four others are reported in serious and critical condition.

15:17: The person detained by police on Gordon Street has been released after it was established that he was not the shooter. Police are now checking another suspect, on Reinis Street nearby.

The death toll has risen to two.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    לפחות עשרה בני אדם נפגעו בצהריים (שישי) מירי שבוצע במסעדה ברחוב דיזינגוף בתל אביב.

    צוותי מד”א נאלצו לקבוע את מותם של שני נפגעים, שאר הפצועים במצב בינוני וקל מפונים לבתי החולים במרכז.

    כוחות הביטחון מנהלים מרדף אחר היורה.

    יהודה הילדסהיים מתנדב באיחוד הצלה סיפר, “כשהגעתי לזירה נתקלתי בפצוע אנוש וללא הכרה לאחר שנפגע מירי. יחד עם מתנדבים נוספים נוספים מיחידת האופנועים של איחוד הצלה הענקנו טיפול רפואי ראשוני והוא פונה לבית החולים איכילוב. בשלב זה אנחנו מטפלים בזירה במספר נפגעים נוספים חלקם נפגעו משברי זכוכית כתוצאה מהירי והאנדרלמוסיה שנוצרה במקום”.

    עדי ראייה דיווחו למשטרה כי בזירה נשמעו לפחות עשר יריות.

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