Pizzagate Believers This Ad About Sex Human Trafficking

The Pizzagate crowd is chewing on some new fodder: A month-old government ad.

The unsubstantiated conspiracy theory which alleges that Democratic elites are running a child sex ring out of a Washington, D.C. pizza shop is still flying online even after an armed gunman who stormed the pizza shop failed to find any evidence of it.

Anyone curious how this rumor mill keeps churning need only look at the latest supposed scoop that Pizzagate believers swarmed to this weekend.

That would be an ad from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for its campaign to crack down on human trafficking.

In mid-January, the Pizzagate conspiracy theory seemed to be gaining a sympathetic voice in the mainstream when Reality Check host Ben Swann aired a six-minute fact check segment discussing some of its major talking points.

The CBS46 Atlanta reporter discussed the speculative links which have led some to believe that Democratic Party elites are secretly running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizzeria. Pizzagate, as the conspiracy theory has become popularly known, stems from what Ben calls “suspicious” language referring to pizzas and handkerchiefs in the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton campaign adviser John Podesta.

It encourages citizens to “take a second look” for signs of child trafficking.

The store he walks into is yep a pizza shop.

DHS posted the video Jan. 3 as in, when President Obama was still in office. A Backstage casting call that appears to be for the ad says it was filmed in the D.C. area in July 2016.

But none of that has stopped Pizzagate pushers from taking it as new evidence.

The same message boards that fueled the first fires of Pizzagate such as Reddit, 4Chan, Voat and The Fringe inexplicably seized on the old ad this weekend, with some believing it was President Trump’s new way of dropping hints about the evil scheme.

“he’s dropping the hint and we are going to start to see them drop like flies rather than be taken in… The Bushes… Clintons… Queen of England… when we start to see all these old power holders start ‘dying off’ we will know the arrests are just around the corner….. not all will take the easy way out.

This is history folks. If the public thinks a bunch of celebrities dying at the end of 2016 was shocking… wait till they get a load of what’s coming next week! Happy Valentine’s day indeed!”

And so the Pizzagate saga creates another new chapter.

DHS did not immediately return requests for comment.

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