Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Admits To Having Sex With Escapee In Tailor Shop, DA Says

One of the two convicted killers who escaped a maximum-security prison had sex four times a week with the worker charged with helping them get out, a former inmate has claimed.

David Sweat, 35, and Joyce Mitchell, 51, met for 30-minute trysts in a storage cupboard at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, and had sex as many as 100 times, Erik Jensen told the New York Post.

His claims come just hours after Mitchell’s husband, Lyle, insisted his wife had never had sex with either of the two escapees – saying that she had sworn on their son’s life she was telling the truth.

But Joyce Mitchell, who supervised the men in the prison’s tailor shop, has already allegedly admitted to having sexual relations with Richard Matt, who escaped the facility with Sweat on June 6 after she allegedly smuggled in power tools for the men.

Jensen worked at the tailor shop with Mitchell and Sweat during his eight months at the prison for possession of stolen property.

He described how the duo would sneak away to a small storage room for half an hour several times a week, telling other inmates that they were simply going to fold clothes – but no one believed them.

‘Everyone used to joke with him that he was getting his quiet time with his ‘boo, his girlfriend’, Jensen told the Post. ‘It was like the running joke in the tailor shop.’

He added that Mitchell seemed taken with the convicted killer and would giggle whenever he came close. Jensen likened their relationship to a high school jock asking out an ugly girl to prom.

‘That look on her face. She was ecstatic,’ he said.

She also took food to Sweat, such as a tray of barbecue chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers the day after Labor Day, Jensen said.

In the past year, Mitchell was investigated for her alleged relationship with Sweat and he was transferred out of the tailor shop.

But no charges were ever brought against her due to lack of evidence.

More recently, Mitchell got to know Richard Matt and she admitted to having sex with him before helping both men bust out of the prison, ABC News reported.

She even used baked goods to get prison guards to move Sweat and Matt into adjacent cells in the prison so that they could plot their escape, sources told CNN.

The men ultimately received the tools necessary to escape after Mitchell allegedly helped smuggle them into the prison in frozen meat.

Mitchell allegedly told authorities that she hid blades inside hamburger beef and had a prison guard deliver them. That guard, Gene Palmer, has been placed on leave, but claims he had no idea what he was delivering.

He failed to run the meat, which Mitchell kept in a fridge in her work area, through a metal detector, as is standard procedure.

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