Prostitute ‘Details Mile-High Romp With NYPD officers At Center of Corruption Scandal’

A former prostitute and reality TV star has claimed she was paid to accompany two NYPD officers at the center of a corruption probe on a lavish alcohol and sex romp to Las Vegas in 2013.

Gabi Gercko, ex of billionaire Geoffrey Edelsten, said she was paid to join Deputy Inspector James Grant and since-fired Detective Michael Milici on a private jet to Sin City.

Grecko, who says she was recruited by New York businessman and Bill de Blasio campaign donor Jeremy Reichberg, recalled how she performed sexual favors for the officers during the flight, sometimes on both men simultaneously.

She told the New York Post: ‘I was supposed to be a sexy stewardess. I’d ask: “Tea or coffee?” They all wanted me, I guess, and not the tea or coffee.

‘I didn’t think it would be as extreme as it was, but then because I obviously couldn’t get off the plane, I had to do what they were telling me.

‘More than one would try to get my attention at once. They were really creepy and very rude and offensive.’

Once in Vegas the group made their way to the MGM Grand hotel, where two penthouse rooms had been arranged for the weekend, where they planned to watch the Super Bowl, Grecko claims.

Grecko claims most of the men stayed in a penthouse suite with accompanying hot tub, while she stayed in a smaller penthouse room with Grant.


The following day the men made their way to a private room of the hotel where the Super Bowl was being shown, before bingeing on champagne and food, with more prostitutes brought in for an orgy back in the rooms, Grecko alleges.

Grecko claims the men bet heavily on the San Francisco 49ers, who narrowly lost to the Baltimore Ravens, meaning she was only paid $1,500 for her services.

As well as Grant, Milici and Reichberg, sources named another man on the trip as Jona Rechnitz, a businessman and friend of Reichberg, who is believed to have picked up the tab for the trip totaling at least $57,000.

Also believed to be on board was Marco Franco, a friend of Rechnitz, who claims the pair did not participate in the sexual activities on board the plane or at the hotel.

Court papers filed against Reichberg, Milici and Grant previously told how a high-end prostitute was paid $10,000 to take part in the Vegas trip.

The woman, named by DNA Info as ‘Candi’, was hired to accompany Deputy Inspector James Grant, his friend, two businessmen and two other people, an indictment says.

Grecko claims she used the alias Candi while taking part in the trip.

Reichberg, of Brooklyn, now faces corruption charges along with Grant and NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Harrington.

Rechnitz has already pleaded guilty to the charges, DNA Info reports, and is cooperating with authorities.

Along with Reichberg, he is accused of spending more than $100,000 bribing NYPD officers in exchange for favors, according to prosecutors.

In exchange for the bribes, Reichberg and others ‘got a private police force for themselves and their friends,’ Bharara said. ‘Effectively, they got “cops on call”.’

Reichberg is accused of exploiting his connections within the police department to speed up gun license processing, make tickets disappear, get police escorts for him and his friends, get assistance to resolve personal disputes and boost security at religious sites and events.

He even managed to get his connections to shut down a lane of the Lincoln Tunnel connecting New Jersey and Manhattan and obtain a police escort for a visiting businessman, the complaint said.

In return, Reichberg and another businessman, believed to be Rechnitz, showered his favored police officials with well over $100,000 in benefits from 2012 to 2015, including prostitutes, home improvements and prime seats to sporting events, prosecutors said.

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