Rabbi Aryeh Finkel, Rosh Yeshiva of Mir Brachfeld, Passes Away

Rabbi Aryeh Finkel, the Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) at the Mir Brachfeld yeshiva in Modi’in Illit, and member of the Council of Torah Sages, passed away last night (Tuesday). He was 85.

A year and a half ago Rabbi Finkel slipped and fell during Shabbat prayers in the yeshiva, breaking his leg. He underwent surgery as a result, and required further complex treatment.

In the past months Rabbi Finkel fell very ill and underwent draining treatments.

In the past week his condition deteriorated and last night he collapsed in his home near the yeshiva. Hatzhalah and MDA paramedics administered CPR, but were eventually forced to declare his death.

Rabbi Finkel’s funeral will begin at the yeshiva in Modi’in Illit at 11:00 this morning, then moving to the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem at 2:00 pm before the procession to the Har Hamenuchot cemetery.

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