Rabbi Eliezer Berland To Temain In Jail Throughout Trial

A Jerusalem court ruled Thursday morning that Rabbi Eliezer Berland be held in custody until the end of his trial and will not be released on bail.

Berland, the founder of the Shuvu Banim yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem, fled Israel in 2013, spending some three years evading extradition. He was finally taken into custody and flown to Israel in July of this year.

Rabbi Berland has been accused of sexually harassment and assault by a number of women. The allegations first came to light in 2012 in a report by Yisrael HaYom.

In making its ruling, the court found that Berland, who had previously evaded Israeli authorities, was still liable to flee the country. The court added that he also posed a substantial risk to public safety.

Attorneys for Berland have said they will appeal the decision.

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