Randy Quaid Arrested In Montreal

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have been detained in Canada.

Law enforcement did not reveal why the couple was picked up in Montreal, but an immigration official told TMZ that Quaid will have a detention review hearing Thursday.

Evi Quaid confirmed on Twitter that the couple had been arrested, writing, “i love that Canada needs to learn how to wake up and criticize its crappy government ps we got arrested by an actual tall midget.”

A few hours before this tweet, Quaid’s wife renounced the Canadian citizenship she received a few years back.

“I hate the sexist pigs and corrupt gov of Canada and renounce the crap citizenship I was given in 2010,” she wrote.

The couple fled to Canada after legal trouble in the U.S. after using fake credit cards to avoid a $10,000 hotel bill.

This isn’t the first time this year that Quaid has had problems with the law. In April, he was arrested over an outstanding warrant from a missed Immigration and Refugee Board interview in 2013.

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