Rihanna Drake Engaged: Couple Confirms Engagement With New Diamond Ring?

Did Rihanna and Drake get engaged while everybody wasn’t looking?

Many were surprised when Rihanna walked on the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday sporting a shiny new diamond ring that got fans jumping to conclusions of a Rihanna-Drake wedding soon.

The sparkler in question is a 16-carat diamond gem on a gold band by Jacob & Co, which certainly looks like an engagement ring, but is it really from her ex-boyfriend Drake?

As it turns out, the ring was not from someone special as Hollywood Life reported that Rihanna merely borrowed the diamond ring as part of her red carpet look. Well, there goes the Drake and Rihanna wedding rumors.

Some are now speculating that even if the ring did not actually come from Drake himself, it could be the Work singer’s hint for the rapper. After all, they argue, why would she wear the pinky ring on that particular finger that could cause misunderstanding and rumors?

Fans might remember that Drake and Rihanna had dated for a short time in 2011 but the two are saying that they are just close friends now. However, rumors about the couple will not likely end soon especially with their regular collaborations on live shows and music videos.

Drake’s recent gig on Saturday Night Live didn’t help either as he impersonated the 28-year-old pop singer and sang his version of Work trying to convince people: “I swear we only friends, friends, friends, friends, friends.”

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