Rita Ora Becomes Latest Star Accused of Having An Affair Aith Jay Z…

It is the question on everyone’s lips after Beyoncé released her explosive new album, Lemonade, on Sunday.

And while Rachel Roy has been the number one candidate for the mystery other woman Beyoncé mentions in the eye-opening track, ‘Sorry’, some fans now believe former Roc Nation star Rita Ora could be ‘Becky with the good hair’.

Fans flocked to social media to accuse the 25-year-singer of causing trouble in Beyoncé and Jay Z relationship after a recent Snapchat image she posted was highlighted by eagle-eyed followers.

In a series of Snapchat pictures posted on April 21, just days before Beyoncé released her album, Rita was seen wearing a semi-sheer bra which protected her modesty with strategically placed lemons.

While the bra was in fact one of many fruit motif items from her collaboration with lingerie label, Tenezis, it was Rita’s choice of necklace that truly had ‘Queen Bey’s fans who call themselves the Beyhive buzzing with disdain.

The singer appeared to be wearing a gold necklace with the initial ‘J’ which has led to some claiming that she outed herself as ‘Becky’.

In the past few hours, Rita’s Instagram page has been flooded with insults, along with bee and lemon emojis, which is Beyoncé fans’ favored form of attack on social media.

While the British singer, who is of Albanian-descent, has previously shut down claims she has had affair with her then label boss, fans were quick to share their anger over the affair claims online.

Representatives for Rita Ora have been contacted for comment.

Rita was asked about the affair claims back in 2014 during an appearance on Power 105FM’s The Breakfast Club.

Indignant Rita, 23, told DJ Charlamagne Tha God: ‘Don’t you dare disrespect Beyonce like that ever again in your entire life’.

She added: ‘Yeah cause that’s just straight up disrespect. You can’t even go there, that just not a question’.

Rita had previously dismissed the rumour on Twitter in 2013 when she attacked Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan for tweeting that she was sleeping with Beyonce’s husband.

Furious Rita wrote: ‘I stayed silent on one bulls**t rumour but this one I have to speak’ ‘Neva eva will any1 includin a red head dum z listin attention seekin whore try talk s**t about me & my family holly wateva da f*k ur name is,(sic)’ she rebuked.

Rita was signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation over four years ago when she was just 18 and frequently hung out with the rapper’s wife.

However, the singer in now in the middle of a legal battle with Roc Nation after filing a lawsuit last December claiming they had not released her new material that she had ready for her second album.

There is a clear theme of adultery throughout most of Beyoncé’s new album, with the singer making numerous references to an unfaithful partner and the other woman with whom is he having an affair.

He better call Becky with the good hair,’ sings Beyonce on Sorry, the brief description that sent her fans into a frenzy hoping to figure out the identity of the mystery woman.

Fashion designer Rachel Roy found herself becoming the first name linked to the mysterious ‘Becky’ when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram, writing in the caption; ‘Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always.

‘Live in the light #nodramaqueens.’

The comment sent Beyonce’s devoted followers into a frenzy, and the group immediately began to attack Roy on her Instagram account and accuse her of having an affair of Jay Z.

Like Rita Ora, it was not the first time Roy had been accused of being the other woman in Beyoncé’s marriage.

Reports of Roy’s alleged romance with Jay Z first emerged back in May 2014 after it was rumoured that it was the fashion designer’s affair with the rapper that was what sent Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles into a rage which ended with her physically attacking the rapper in the elevator of a New York City hotel.

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