Romanian Prosecutor Seeks To Arrest Israeli Billionaire Beny Steinmetz

Romanian National Anti corruption Directorate (DNA) has asked for the temporary arrest of group of Israeli businessmen including Beny Steinmetz, Tal Silberstein and Moshe Agavi.

The group could face charges of money laundering, fraud and bribery. Another Israeli linked to this case Shimon Sheves will not be charged.

In April, the High Court of Cassation and Justice refused to approve the Israelis temporary detention, which had been demanded by DNA.

In the large scale corruption probe also involves the nephew of Romania’s King Carol II, Paul Lambrino, local businessman Remus Truica, and media owner Dan Andronic for the illegal restitution of conducting illicit real estate deals that cost the state nearly $150 million.

Some 20 persons will be sent to court on various charges in this case. Steinmetz (Net worth $3.5 billion as for June 2014) is accused of setting up an organized crime network, money laundering, bribery and fraud. Tal Silberstein and Moshe Agavi are accused of similar offenses.

Truica was charged with setting up a criminal group, influence peddling, money laundering, complicity to abuse of office, and bribery.

Prince Paul was charged with buying influence, money laundering, and complicity to abuse of office. Both Truica and Lambrino are under house arrest, Romanian Insider reports.

Israeli website Globes citing Adv. Yuval Sasson who represent the Israelis: “My clients’ only misdeed was doing business in Romania.

All of their business activity was in compliance with the provisions of Romanian and international law, under close supervision by the largest and most respectable law firms there. We are convinced that at the end of the legal process, the Romanian court will reject all the allegations.”

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