Security Video Shows Man Breach TSA Checkpoint

DALLAS – For one year, the Transportation Security Administration has refused to say how a man managed to get around a security checkpoint and on a plane at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

It was called a bad romance that broke through security barriers.

Last July, Damarias Cockerham of Garland managed to move around the security checkpoint at gate D-16 and board a plane to confront his girlfriend who was leaving him.

Cockerham is seen walking up to an unused and unguarded metal detector that had a cloth security belt in front. Cockerham simply moved the belt and walked through the metal detector and blended in with everyone else who had gone through screening.

Seconds later he’s seen walking down the jetway where he boarded the plane without a ticket. A gate agent is seen chasing him, then getting off the plane… then going back and eventually escorting Cockerham off the plane. The agent walks Cockerham to the general public area and manages to stall until police arrive — 14 minutes after breaching security.

Neither the TSA nor DFW Airport has commented on the incident.

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