We provide explosives and narcotics K9 detection services for the, Jewish Institutes .

Our professional staff has the experience to protect large and small sites during times of peace and chaos. Whether your facility is a small corporate building, a mass transit hub for rail or air service, or a large facility covering acres of land we can assist you in protecting your assets.

Our K9’s are trained to detect C3, C4 (RDX), Det Cord, Time Fuse, Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, Petn, Black Powder, Smokeless Powder, Flash Powder, Bullets, Guns, Dynamite, Nitroglycerine, Blasting Caps, and Tovex.  They are also trained continuously on other explosive odors and combinations of these odors.  Our handlers and K9’s are certified as a team to detect in a proficient manner.

When you’re searching for dangerous explosives, you want a highly skilled, reliable K-9 partner at your side.
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  • Schools/ YESHIVAS



  • Jewish Institutes


  • Interior and exterior building sweeps

  • Mass area sweeps