Surveillance is a highly effective tool in many cases, often used to uncover fraud and cases of infidelity.

It is mainly used to collate valuable evidence in a case, which can later be used in court or any other process.

At T.O.T. Private Consulting, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise in the surveillance field, often incorporating a variety of surveillance methods when gathering evidence.

Our team is highly skilled in the use of the latest, most advanced surveillance devices available on the market today.

Additionally, they are experts at blending into their surroundings, integrating into the Orthodox Jewish community without arousing any suspicions.

At the end of the surveillance period, the client will receive a detailed report that will include: daily surveillance records, pictures, video (if available), and any new evidence uncovered in the process of the case.

We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding the situation; we will help you understand whether there is a need for surveillance and how it can help advance the standing case.