Shocking Video Shows A Lion Attacking A BABY on Live TV

A shocking footage of a lion attacking a toddler on live television while the beast’s handlers try to tear it apart from the screaming baby, has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place during the shooting of a Mexican programme called Con Sello de Mujer. While the show was last broadcasted in 2007, but it has gone viral recently, with users sharing the shocking video online.

The video starts normally enough – the handlers of the lion are casually chatting with the TV presenter and a lady is sitting with her toddler on her lap.

Suddenly, the lion lunges at the baby and bites her shoe and the distraught girl starts screaming loudly. While at first, the mother lets out a small shriek, she is then seen smiling as the handlers manage to take away the lion and calm everybody down.

While the show could have gone horribly wrong, the baby was safe and escaped unharmed.

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