Sister of Hasidic Jumper Faigy Mayer Found Hanging From Parent’s Staircase In Borough Park

The sister of a Hasidic Jewish woman who committed suicide by jumping from a New York rooftop bar has taken her own life.

Sarah Mayer, who was also known as Suri, 31, committed suicide at her parents’ home in Borough Park, Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, friends and family said.

Sara Mayer’s body was found hanging by a cord in the staircase of her parent’s home in Borough Park at about 3:30 p.m., according to law enforcement sources.

“The news is true. [She] did kill herself,” a distraught family member told The Post.

The 31-year-old woman was just released last Tuesday from the South Beach Psychiatric Center in Staten Island, where she had been an inpatient for two years, sources said.

On July 20, Faigy Mayer, 29, leapt to her death from the 20th story 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, onlookers said.

She had been brought up in the Hasidic community but left it around five years before her death.

Faigy had made a difficult decision to leave the ultra-conservative Jewish community.

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