Stabbing Attack At Jerusalem Central Bus Station

One person has been wounded in a terrorist stabbing attack just outside Jerusalem’s central bus station.

The terrorist began his attack by stabbing a 70-year-old Jewish woman, leaving her with moderate-to-serious wounds. An alert bus driver then quickly spirited the woman onto his bus before closing the doors, keeping the terrorist out.

The attacker attempted to flee the scene, but was spotted by a Yassam police special forces officer who ran towards the terrorist, shooting and fatally wounding him.

“A terrorist tried to board a bus, after apparently stabbing a woman aged about 70,” a police statement said. “A policeman fired and neutralized him.”

The victim has been transferred to Shaarei Tzedek hospital for treatment. United Hatzalah paramedics who treated her say she suffered multiple stab wounds to her upper body, and that treatment was also given at the scene to several people suffering from shock.

Acting on claims by witnesses of a possible second armed terrorist, dozens of police first poured into the bus station, before diverting their search in the direction of the Geula neighborhood, after receiving additional intelligence.

Police later clarified that there were no additional suspects, and that the reports were a false alarm.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    מחבל ניסה לדקור שוטר של משמר הגבול באוטובוס בכניסה למתחם התחנה המרכזית בירושלים.

    הוא חוסל על ידי כוחות הביטחון. פצוע אחד באורח קל.

    כוחות גדולים של משטרה וארגוני ההצלה בזירת האירוע.

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