Student Has $1M Bounty On Her Head After Killing 100 ISIS Militants

A college student in Denmark says she has a bounty of $1,000,000 (£800,705) on her head after fighting ISIS on the frontline.

Joanna Palani, 23, claims to have killed 100 ISIS militants and freed sex slaves captured during the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq. The young woman has also been sharing her military skills with locals.

Palani has been teaching young Kurdish rape victims how to fight for their liberation, and told Broadly they are ‘more brave than I could ever have been at their age.’

Palani is a crackpot sniper of Iranian-Kurdish ancestry. She left her life as a politics student in Copenhagen to fight ISIS as well as Assad’s army.

She followed in her father and grandfather’s footsteps and trained to become a Peshmerga fighter.

Palani, who first shot a gun at 9-years-old, proudly told Vice that she loves combat, saying, ‘It is my life. It is very normal for Kurds to learn to use weapons like this.’

However, upon returning home to her family in Copenhagen for a brief period of leave, she was contacted by the Danish authorities and told she would be unable to return to her ‘sisters’ on the frontline.

Her passport was confiscated under laws intended to stop the movement of ISIS not those fighting them and Palani was told she could face six years in jail if she went back to rejoin her battalion.

Palani now continues her studies in Copenhagen, under the threat of imprisonment in her own country.

She longs to help stop the humanitarian crisis she has experienced first hand and ‘fight for human rights for all people’.

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