Apple Distributors Arrested For Selling Private Data

Smartphone users — which, at this point, is pretty much everyone — already have enough to worry about when it comes to hackers, malicious apps, and malware invading their phones, but in China, some iPhone users found out their worst enemy was actually the folks selling them their devices in the first place. Read more

Apple Looking Into Video of Exploding IPhone 7 Plus

Apple is investigating claims that an iPhone 7 Plus “blew up” due to battery issues, following the posting of a video and photos of the destroyed smartphone on Twitter. Read more

Crime-Reporting App Vigilante Kicked off App Store Over Apple’s Content Concerns

It’s quite hard to tell whether the Vigilante app is a functioning business or a teaser for a new episode of dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror. Read more

iPhone 7 Being Investigated After Surfer Claims It Set His Car on Fire

Australian man says the iPhone ‘melted’ and destroyed his car while he was on the beach, as lithium-ion batteries under scrutiny amid major Samsung recall. Read more

Apple Reportedly Developing iPhone 8 In Israel

Apple reportedly is using an office in Herzliya, Israel, to develop what one anonymous employee termed the iPhone 8. Read more

Apple Faces Tough Sell After Scrapping iPhone 7 Headphones Jack

Apple faces a battle to convince consumers to switch to wireless headphones after controversially scrapping the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7, analysts have warned. Read more

A Pressing Concern About The Next iPhone

It comes to the next iPhone, it seems that in many ways users will have to do without. Apple’s changing things up and continuing its long war on that most humble gadget component: the button. Read more

Apple Encryption Case Risks Influencing Russia and China, Privacy Experts Say

Authoritarian governments including Russia and China will demand greater access to mobile data should Apple lose a watershed encryption case brought by the FBI, leading technology analysts, privacy experts and legislators have warned. Read more

Apple’s Tim Cook Blasts Order To Unlock iPhone

WASHINGTON — Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook said Wednesday his company will resist a federal magistrate’s order to hack its users in connection with the investigation of the San Bernardino, California, shootings, asserting such a move would undermine encryption by creating a back door that could potentially be used on other future devices. Read more