Arcadi Gaydamak Gets Prison Leave To Give Evidence In Israel

Businessman Arcadi Gaydamak today arrived straight from a French prison to testify at the Tel Aviv District Court in the hearing of his petition to have businessman Nahum Galmor declared bankrupt. Read more

Arcadi Gaydamak seeks to bring to power the coalition of the powerless.

In order to cut energy costs, the government turned out the light at the end of tunnel, say the Israelis. Read more

Attention Rabbi Berel Lazar



An Open Letter To Berel Lazar Alias So-Called “Chief Rabbi of Russia”

Berel Lazar,

Already a long time ago it became clear for me that you are not acting in accordance with Jewish morality and you use the position of the formal leader of the one of the Russian Jewish official communities in order to commit frauds, particularly for the benefit of your tricky associate Leviev. Read more

Lev Leviev Allegedly Committed Charity Fraud

In 2012, in the course of the hearings in front of the High Court of Justice of London where Arcadi Gaydamak sued Lev Leviev who fraudulently denied the existence of the Trust Agreement by which Lev Leviev had the obligation of trust towards Arcadi Gaydamak, the Justice Lord Jeffrey Vos (who is a Jew) said to Leviev at the beginning of the trial that Lev Leviev is widely known in the world as one of the biggest financial contributors to the Jewish communities and then asked Lev Leviev how much he contributes to the Jewish philanthropy. Read more