Baltimore Police officers Accused of Planting Drugs

Baltimore Police Department officers are under investigation in connection to another body camera video that allegedly shows officers planting evidence. Read more

Baltimore – New Van Aims To Help Police Analyze Weapons At Crime Scenes

Baltimore – National officials rolled out a new van Tuesday that will enable detectives to test-fire weapons and rapidly analyze bullets and shell casings recovered at crime scenes rather than sending them to labs and waiting days for results. Read more

Maryland – 7 Baltimore Officers Arrested On Robbery, Other Charges Share Tweet Share Mail

BALTIMORE — Local and federal law enforcement officials on Wednesday announced the arrests and indictments of seven Baltimore Police Department officers. Read more

Baltimore Police Release Body Cam Video Of Fatal Police-Involved Shooting

BALTIMORE — Baltimore police released body camera footage that shows a man fatally shot by an officer pointing a gun at the policeman. Read more

Joseph Goldman Arrested For Child Sex Abuse, Charged With Rape

BALTIMORE – Baltimore City Police arrested a 35-year-old suspect for child sexual abuse, rape, perverted practice and more on Monday morning at his Northwest Baltimore home. Read more

Baltimore Police: 3 Gunmen Shoot, Wound 8 In Attack

Three gunmen shot and wounded eight people including a 3-year-old girl on an east Baltimore street Saturday night, police said, adding the suspects fled and the victims were all expected to survive. Read more

Baltimore Surveillance Program Raises Trust Issues

Small planes outfitted with video cameras have been flying over Baltimore since January, capturing activity on the streets below and relaying the footage to police to help them catch criminals. Read more

Baltimore, MD – Judge Acquits Highest-Ranking Baltimore Police Officer In Death Of Freddie Gray

Baltimore, MD – A judge has acquitted a Baltimore police officer on all charges in the death of Freddie Gray, a black who died after he was injured in a police transport van. Read more

34 Murdered In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray Died

In the 30 days since Freddie Gray died following injuries sustained in police custody, 34 people have been murdered in Baltimore, according to The Baltimore Sun. Read more

Alan Dershowitz: Charges Against Baltimore Cops Won’t Stick

Criminal charges filed Friday against six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray were based on “politics and crowd control,” not justice, renowned civil rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax TV. Read more