PM Binyamin Netanyahu Questioned For Second Time

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was questioned by police a second time Thursday afternoon ovr allegations that he accepted illegal gifts from foreign businessmen. Read more

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Meets Netanyahu In Rare Visit

Egypt’s foreign minister is meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Sunday for the first such visit to Israel in nearly a decade that is the latest sign of warming ties. Read more

PM Binyamin Netanyahu Slams Obama’s Position on Yesha Building As ‘Unacceptable’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu explicitly rejected demands by the Obama administration that Israel cease all construction over the Green Line, saying that the US position on Judea and Samaria was “not acceptable”. Read more

‘This Isn’t How You Treat Friends, It’s How You Spy Against Enemies’

BERLIN – We met on Wednesday in a cafe in Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate, where preparations were underway for the fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. Read more

PM Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin Meet In Paris

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin met at the UN climate conference in Paris Monday, where they reiterated the importance of military cooperation over Syria and other regional conflicts. Read more

Netanyahu Orders: ‘Break Contact’ With European Union

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Foreign Ministry to reassess its involvement with European Union (EU) institutions regarding the political process with the Palestinians. Read more

Netanyahu To Visit Putin, Warn Against Syria Deployment

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is to travel to Russia next week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding his country’s recently expanding role in the internecine warfare in Syria. Read more

Netanyahu: ‘Rock Attacks Are Murder, We Declare War’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday toured the spot where Arabs murdered a Jewish motorist in Jerusalem three days earlier and said he was declaring war on firebomb and rock terror. Read more

Again: Uproar After Netanyahu Spotted In Non-Kosher Restaurant

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faced criticism on Tuesday from haredi politicians for having eaten in a non-kosher restaurant serving rabbit, escargot and lobster during a recent trip to Italy. Read more

Switzerland ‘Regrets’ Offensive Anti-Netanyahu Cartoon

Switzerland’s Foreign Ministry expressed regret Friday, after a Swiss envoy showed a political cartoon of doves defecating on Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to a conference promoting Iranian business interests in Zurich. Read more