Controversial Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kluwgant To Head Adass Israel School

A disgraced rabbi who admitted to criticising victims of sexual abuse has been appointed principal of a school which allegedly covered up sex crimes. Read more

Extradite Former Principal Back To Australia, Alleged Molestation Victim Asks Israel

MELBOURNE – A Jewish woman who said she had been molested repeatedly by her former principal called on Israel to extradite the education professional back to their native Australia. Read more

Alleged Abuse Victims Angry After Photos Surface of Wanted Former Principal ‘Living Free’ In Israel

Victims say they are angry a school principal wanted in Victoria on 74 charges of child sexual abuse has been allegedly spotted at a religious festival in Israel, despite her lawyers’ claims she is too ill to attend two years of extradition hearings. Read more

Principal of Jewish Orthodox School ‘Sexually Abused Girls

A woman who was sexually assaulted by her ultra-Orthodox Jewish female principal of her school from the age of 15 has opened up about it for the first time. Read more