One of Satmar’s Most Famous Hubs

At first glance it seems like one nondescript building among scores in Williamsburg, a three-story brown-brick property housing a small retail store and a couple of apartments above. Read more

How The Satmar Mafia works!

Satmar is estimated to be one of the largest Hasidic dynasties in the world. Read more

Jacob Teitelbaum: Who Will Protect You Now That Ken Thompson Has Taken Leave Due To Illness? I’m Sure Being That Your Protected Under Your Father’s Umbrella You’ll Find Another Way

Jacob Teitelbaum: It Was A Pleasure Hearing From Your Representatives, Though I Am not Willing To Stop. You Are A Dangerous Sexual Predator

Jacob Teitelbaum: Do Not Think Sending Death Threats Is Going To Resolve Your Problems. You Are A Sick Person, A Danger To Society.