Here’s How Neo-Nazis Identify Jews on Twitter

A group of Twitter users are taking a stand against anti-Semites and white supremacists by embracing the neo-Nazi symbol being used to identify them on the social media platform.  Read more

Tiffany and Co. Exec Claims Firing For Alleged Jews Killed Jesus Comment

A former Tiffany & Co. marketing executive says she was discriminated against and eventually fired after a colleague complained that she said Jews killed Jesus. Read more

Ghulam Mustafa Trust Member Claims ‘f***ing Jews’ Are Placing Tracking Devices In Samsung Phones

A trustee of a charity called the Ghulam Mustafa Trust has made a video in which he claims Jews track Samsung smartphones by implanting secret devices in the handsets. Read more

Israel Fears For Safety of Yemen’s Remaining Few Jews

Israel is closely following developments in Yemen, where Gulf states are bombing Iranian-backed fighters, and has expressed deep concern over the fate of the last few Jews in the country. Read more