Jerusalem – High Court Strikes Blow To Chief Rabbinate’s Kashrut-licensing Monopoly

Jerusalem – The High Court of Justice struck a significant blow to the Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly on kashrut licensing Tuesday, ruling that restaurants and other food businesses can describe the kashrut standards they maintain as long as they make clear that they do not have a kashrut license. Read more

Rabbi Avraham Yosef Suspends Himself From Kashrut Due To Indictment Against Him

The municipal chief rabbi of Holon Rabbi Avraham Yosef has suspended himself from all responsibilities relating to kashrut, following an appeal to the High Court of Justice requesting such a step in light of an indictment agains the rabbi. Read more

Is Johnnie Walker Whiskey Still Kosher? Maybe, Maybe Not

The Internet has lit up with warnings that Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey is no longer considered kosher. Read more