Canadian Food Distributor Fined For Sending Fake Kosher Cheese To Jewish Summer Camps

A food distributor accused of sending cheddar cheese falsely labeled as kosher to Jewish summer camps was fined $25,000 by a court in Ontario. Read more

Ottawa – Food Distributor Charged With Sending Fake Kosher Cheese To Jewish Camps

Ottawa – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has charged a food distributor with sending cheddar cheese to Jewish summer camps falsely labeled as kosher. Read more

Tennessee Prison Inmate Sues For Better Kosher Food

A prison inmate in Tennessee filed an over 200-page lawsuit alleging that the prison system is trying to force him to break the Jewish laws of kashrut by providing him with substandard kosher meals. Read more

Jerusalem – Keeping Kosher: It May Be Bad For Your Economic Health

Jerusalem – Behind Israel’s food and tourism industries thrives a parallel economy run by rabbis and a legion of inspectors whose business it is to make sure everything is kosher. Read more

Eddyville, KY – Jew On Death Row Sues To Keep Kosher After Chicken Dinner

Eddyville, KY – A Jewish inmate on Kentucky’s death row is suing in federal court, saying he was unfairly removed from a kosher meals program for eating an unlabeled meal of rotisserie chicken. Read more

Jeremy Reichberg Demanded Kosher Food For The HOOKER Used By Bride NYPD Cops

hey went from porking to kosher.

The Orthodox Jewish businessman who allegedly ordered up a wild, sex-fueled plane ride to Las Vegas as a bribe for NYPD favors demanded rabbi-certified food for the return trip. Read more

Lufthansa Airlines Ordered To Pay Jewish Passenger After Failing To Provide Kosher Food Aboard Flight

Brazil – The São Paulo Court of Justice has awarded $1,400 to Isaac Kopfler, a Brazilian Jew traveling aboard Lufthansa Airlines from Zurich to São Paolo, after the German airline failed to provide kosher food for their passenger despite his request for it at the time he purchased his ticket. The incident occurred on March 21, 2012. Read more