Louis Tomlinson Arrested At LAX After Fight With Photographer

Louis Tomlinson was arrested on Friday night after getting into a physical altercation with a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. Read more

Denise Albert, Who Is Battling Cancer, Says She Felt ‘Violated’ By TSA search

NEW YORK – A breast cancer patient said the TSA at the airport in Los Angeles crossed the line while performing a security check. Read more

Lu Parker Arrested, Accused of Stealing Headphones At LAX

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles news anchor Lu Parker was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing a pair of headphones from a passenger-screening area at Los Angeles International Airport. Read more

Police Search For Possible Link In False Shooting Reports At JFK and LAX Airports

Law enforcement in New York and Los Angeles are checking whether recent gunfire scares at JFK and LAX were coordinated attempts to “test the system” and see how authorities respond to such situations. Read more

LAX Baggage Handlers Accused of Cocaine Trafficking

Two former baggage handlers at Los Angeles International Airport were arrested Monday on suspicion of trafficking several pounds of cocaine through the southern California hub. Read more

Skittish Flight Attendant Leaves 70 Pounds of Coke At TSA Checkpoint

A skittish flight attendant heading to LaGuardia airport flew into a panic at a security gate ditching two suitcases full of clothes, condoms and nearly 70 pounds of cocaine, before kicking off her Gucci shoes and managing to escape pursuing TSA agents. Read more

California – Secret Military Activity Forces LAX To Detour Night Flights For Coming Week

Mysterious military activity west of Los Angeles International Airport is forcing the airport–one of the nation’s busiest– to temporarily divert overnight landings and departures. Read more

FBI Probing Device Sent To LAX From Florida Prison

The FBI is leading the investigation into a suspicious device sent to an office at Los Angeles International Airport allegedly by a prison inmate in Florida, sources told NBC News. Read more