NYPD Reassigns Another High-Profile Chief Amid FBI Probe

Another high-ranking police chief has been transferred as part of a widening federal corruption probe that has rocked the NYPD, officials said Wednesday. Read more

Details Of Alleged Ponzi Scheme Emerge In Wake Of De Blasio Corruption Probe

As the federal investigation into Mayor de Blasio’s fundraising practices and the NYPD corruption scandal continues, a criminal case involving a Bronx landlord and de Blasio supporter has come to light. Read more

Borough Park – Noise Complaints Against Neighbor Tied To FBI Probe of NYPD

A Borough Park couple claims cops threatened to arrest them if they continued to make noise complaints against their neighbor whose brother’s close ties to the NYPD are now being probed by the FBI. Read more

Shady De Blasio Donors Accused of Ripping Off Israeli Billionaire Lev Leviev

Mayor de Blasio’s campaign accepted donations from two Manhattan jewelers who were accused of scamming millions of dollars in cash and gems from an Israeli billionaire known as the King of Diamonds. Read more

Large Unexplained Deposits To Former NYPD Chief From Developer Eyed In NYPD Corruption Probe

New York – Unexplained large sums of money going in and out of former NYPD Police Chief Phillip Banks accounts show a direct link to businessman Jona Rechnitz and his company JSR Capital. Read more

Jeremy Reichberg Used NYPD Cop Connects To Squash Raps: Victims

A Borough Park businessman at the heart of a police bribery probe leaned on his police buddies to squash two assault raps involving his nephew, according to the victims of a pair of attacks. Read more

Bill De Blasio Scandal Corruption

Forget for a minute the gift and cash scandal rocking the NYPD. Even the two shady Brooklyn businessmen who allegedly handed out the goodies are not the big fish. And don’t be distracted by the arrest of a man accused of running a Ponzi scheme out of a failed restaurant that some of the cops frequented. Read more