Israel Police Chief: Anonymous Claims of Sexual Harassment as Bad as Sexual Harassment Itself

Anonymous accusations of sexual harassement are just as bad as sexual harassment itself, said Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich during a 2015 meeting in which he decided to reinstate a senior officer accused of sexual harassment, according to a Ynet report. Read more

Israel Police Commissioner: Police Fraud Unit 443 Can ‘Make Governments and Bring Them Down,’

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich said on Friday that the National Fraud Unit would continue doing its work “without looking left or right,” despite the “bashing it receives from all sides.” Read more

Israeli Police Chief To lgnore Sex Harassment Allegations Submitted Anonymously

The declaration by Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich that he will no longer probe anonymous complaints of sexual harassment in the force has raised the ire of the Justice Ministry’s police investigation unit, that announced Sunday it would continue to look into all such allegations regardless. Read more

Senior Israel Police Officer Keeps Job Despite Alleged Sexual Harassment

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich has told his anticorruption chief he can keep his job because no basis was found to further investigate claims of sexual harassment against him. Read more

State Panel Gives Go-Ahead For Roni Alsheich As New Police Chief

A committee charged with vetting major appointments gave the green light Thursday to Shin Bet deputy head Roni Alsheich to become Israel’s next police commissioner, all but ending a months-long search for a new chief for the organization. Read more