Questions Linger After US Hacks iPhone, Ends Legal Battle

The extraordinary legal fight pitting the Obama administration against technology giant Apple Inc. ended unexpectedly after the FBI said it used a mysterious method without Apple’s help to hack into a California mass shooter’s iPhone. Read more

NY Judge: US Cannot Make Apple Provide FBI Access To Locked iPhone Data

NEW YORK – The U.S. Justice Department cannot force Apple to provide the FBI with access to a locked iPhone data in a routine Brooklyn drug case, a magistrate judge ruled Monday. Read more

John McAfee Offers To Unlock Killer’s iPhone For FBI

Eccentric cyber security millionaire John McAfee has bragged that his team of ‘the best hackers on the planet’ could break into the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone in three weeks for free. Read more

Washington – Judge: Apple Must Help US Hack San Bernardino Killer’s Phone

Apple will fight a federal magistrate’s order to help the Obama administration break into an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the shooters in last December’s San Bernardino terror attack. Read more

FBI Unable To Find San Bernardino Terrorists’ Hard Drive

FBI investigators have been unable to find a missing hard drive or crack the encrypted codes of the jihadist couple behind last month’s terror attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., sources told Fox News. Read more

San Bernardino, CA – FBI Searches Lake Near California Massacre Site

An FBI dive team returned to a San Bernardino lake Friday with a metal detector, seeking evidence pinpointing the motive and history of the married attackers, including an apparent plot in 2012 that was never carried out. Read more

‘Intelligence Failure?’: Calif. Terrorists May Have Been on Authorities’ Radar

As the investigation into the San Bernardino terrorists moves into its second week, there are increasing indications that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were on the radar of authorities – or should have been, according to some lawmakers. Read more

Bank Records Show $28,500 Deposit To Syed Farook’s Account Two Weeks Before The Shooting

A $28,500 deposit was made to the bank account of Syed Farook, one of the shooters in last week’s massacre in California, a source close to the investigation told Fox News Monday. Read more

US Can’t Access NSA Phone Records In California Terror Case

WASHINGTON >> The U.S. government’s ability to review and analyze five years’ worth of telephone records for the married couple blamed in the deadly shootings in California lapsed just four days earlier when the National Security Agency’s controversial mass surveillance program was formally shut down. Read more

California Terrorist Link To Controversial New York Mosque

The California terror couple had an Allah-praising sticker slapped on a dresser drawer in their town house that traces back to a Muslim organization with headquarters in Queens, The Post has learned. Read more