Terror Fears Driving Jews Out of France

Call it the French Rejection.

More than 5,000 French Jews pulled up stakes and moved to Israel in the past year following a spike in anti-Semitism and terrorism fears, according to a new report.

The 2015 Paris terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish supermarket where four shoppers were murdered has been a catalyst, the Jewish Agency of Israel said in its report.

More than 40,000 French Jews have emigrated since 2006.

“The aliyah (the act of moving to Israel) of French Jews has been significant over the last decade,” the agency’s Daniel Benhaim told AFP.

The Jewish community — about 500,000 strong — was shocked by the kidnapping and brutal murder of a young Jewish man in 2006, a shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012 also raised alarms.

But according to London’s Jewish Chronicle, many French Jews feel more connected to the country as ISIS conspiracies flower like grapes in Burgundy.

“We had a feeling that we were doomed to live barricaded lives and to make ourselves invisible,” community spokesman Francis Kalifat told the Chronicle.

“Since … all French people now know that the whole of France is under attack — its culture, its freedom, its way of life and its vision of the world.”

Kalifat added that while the Jewish community knows it’s still a “favourite target” at least an attack would not be met with indifference.

The economy and ideology have also played a role, Benhaim said, adding that the people “most determined” to return to Israel have now gone.

Patrick, 42, told the Chronicle: “Of course, everyone is anxious. Violence is increasing across the world. But fear will not make us leave.

“Our parents and grandparents may have made that choice but not us.”

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