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Dear Joe,

Today is the first day that my husband and myself finally woke up from a seven hour uninterrupted sleep. As a mom of a 21 year old addict our home knew of no day or night! Our son finally agreed to rehab for 30 days. When the facility recommended after care, we knew we were in trouble since our son had a rightful complaint that we told him 30 days and he’s home. Worried and forlorn, we got a call from a friend who told us about you and the services you offered. That was 90 days ago. Thank G-d, 92 days of sober living! Thank G-d he is enrolled in a college! Thank G-d he wakes up every early morning ready to attack the day! As a mom I say ,”thank god for you Joe Levin”!

Bill Elsbernd

Dear Mr. Levin,

I pray to God that this note finds you and your family well and blessed.
I write to you today because I noted that you are a spiritual man placed in a difficult job environment that causes you conflict and pain. Dealing with the seamy side of humanity all the time, especially with people who are supposed to be above that, is even more stressful for a man who loves God. It is even harder for a man who must walk a fine line of constraint to protect his faith, while seeking God’s justice and justice in a secular world.

But this note is mainly about encouraging you. You have the talents that you have because God bestowed them upon you. You have the career you have because of God’s gracious benevolence. He put you there and for a reason; His use. When we can place our daily difficulties and conflicts aside and give thanks to God for another day to serve Him, we are relying on Him to get us through.

Sincerely, from one of the “good people in the world”

Bill Elsbernd
Haim Barak

To whom it may concern:
I confirm that I have known Joe Levin for a long time, our relationship are in social, business and working together. At all times I have found Joe to be dependable, hard working, honest and reliable. I would be happy to provide further information if required.
Sincerely ,

Haim BarakIsraeli Intelligence based in Toronto
Rabbi N.Y.

Dear Joe Levin,
I want to thank you for your quick response and for your expert service in helping to save this child. The parents had no idea where their child was and you came to the rescue. He was over dosed with drugs and with your help he started treatment and recovery B”H. May Hashem bless you with all the blessings.


Rabbi N.Y.Twersky, Brooklyn NY
Y. Shlomo

Dear Joe Levin,
I can’t thank you enough for the case I sent you. Due to your expertise and excellent service, this woman received a GET after several long years of fighting. With G-D’s help may you continue helping others. All the best and Shabbat shalom!

Y. ShlomoParis France