US Army Officer Helps Foil Terror Plot To Blow Up Jewish School In Denmark

Denmark presented a U.S. Army intelligence officer working in Iraq with a prestigious medal for helping to foil a terrorist plot to blow up a Jewish school in the Nordic country.

Capt. Bradley Grimm’s assistance “likely saved the lives of Danish citizens,” according to an Army spokesman in Baghdad.

Col. Steven Warren said Wednesday that Grimm provided “actionable intelligence” about a bomb threat against a school in Denmark.

“The information he provided helped to foil the plot and resulted in an arrest and the confiscation of explosives,” Warren said, according to the Copenhagen Post.

Grimm was presented recently with the Danish Defense Medal for Special Meritorious Effort in Copenhagen, according to the newspaper. U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford attended the ceremony.

The captain uncovered the school bomb plot from documents taken from captured enemy foreign fighters in Iraq who were from Denmark or who had relatives in Denmark, Warren said at a press briefing Wednesday.

The Post reported that Grimm’s intelligence led to the arrest of a 15-year-old girl in January.

She has been charged with acquiring chemicals and attempting to produce explosives for attacks on schools in Copenhagen and Farevejle, according to the newspaper.

A 24-year-old Syrian fighter has been charged as an accomplice, the Post reported.

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