Welcome To Hollyweed

Hollywood is starting 2017 on a high!

The famous “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles was vandalized early Sunday to read “Hollyweed” — celebrating the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in California, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Surveillance footage caught one person dressed in all black sneaking up to the iconic sign around 3 a.m. and spending about an hour and a half transforming the “O’s” to “E’s” using white tarps, according to Sgt. Robert Payan of the Security Services office.

Payan said authorities are reviewing security footage to try to track down the trespasser, but have not made any arrests.

“We can’t even tell if it’s a male or a female,” he said.

He’s unsure how long it took the prankster to get up to the 45-foot sign, which sits atop Mount Lee and overlooks Hollywood.

“It’s a good hike,” Payan said. “And at that time of day, it’s very dark so it probably took a little longer.”

The sign was restored by 2 p.m. Sunday.

Recreational marijuana officially became legal in the state on Dec. 15. The state already had legalized medical marijuana for more than two decades.

This is not the first time the “Hollywood” sign has been changed to “Hollyweed.”

Back on Jan. 1, 1976, the sign was altered — again a visual commemoration of a marijuana law taking effect.

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