Yaakov Weinrot: Netanyahu Can Relax

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to be questioned for the second time this coming Friday at his official residence in Jerusalem, it was reported tonight (Tuesday) on Channel 2.

As in the first questioning, the session has no set time limit.

Netanyahu’s lawyer, Yaakov Weinrot, publicly spoke of the investigation for the first time and told Channel 2, “Netanyahu was relaxed even before [the first interrogation], but I’m a lawyer and I’m not relaxed before [an investigation].”

He said, “I heard what they asked Netanyahu and what he answered. I can state categorically – he has every reason to remain relaxed even after yesterday’s conversation with the police.”

Weinrot praised the police’s conduct for the lack of leaks from the investigation: “The public has a right to know, and the public will know after the investigation is complete and conclusions are drawn.”

“I state as a fact, the Prime Minister is subject to constant attack, unending attack, and every time it turns out that there was nothing behind it, yet nobody pays any price [for the false accusations],” said Weinrot.

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