Wife of Russian ‘Hitman’ Andrei Lugovoy Stars In Putin-Friendly Propaganda Film

The gorgeous wife of accused Kremlin hitman Andrey Lugovoy appeared in a twisted Russian propaganda movie which – not surprisingly – absolved President Vladimir Putin of blame in the assassination of turncoat spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Putin probably gave the order to kill Litvinenko, who was slipped tea laced with radioactive poison in London in 2006 by Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun, an investigating British judge found last week.

Kseniya Lugovoy, a former nightclub dancer, appeared in the eight-part TV propaganda movie, “Not Under Jurisdiction,” playing the role of an assistant to late Putin critic Boris Berezovsky, according to The Sun newspaper of London.

The propaganda flick depicted Berezovsky as the one who ordered Litvinenko’s killing – as part of an unbelievable plot to blame Putin for the slaying.

Berezovsky, like Litvinenko, was a well-known Putin adversary who left Russia for the United Kingdom, where he died in 2013.

The miniseries was timed to come out with last week’s report that embarrassed Putin.

“For me, taking part in shooting this film is one of the iconic moments of my life,” said Kseniya Lugovoy. “It was interesting to play the role of assistant to one of modern Russia’s most odious oligarchs Boris Berezovsky, and to feel involved in those events witnessed by my husband.”

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