£330M Superyacht Owned By Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenko Smashes Record For World’s Biggest Sailing Ship

The mammoth vessel, which is complete with eight decks and masts that are nearly 330ft tall, was spottd sailing for the first time in Strande, near Kiel in northern Germany.

The mammoth yacht, which is taller than Big Ben, which stands at 314ft, dwarfed other vessels in the area as it cut through the waters.

Named the Sailing Yacht A, it was built for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, and ordered in March 2011.

The huge yacht features an underwater observation pod and is one of the largest sailing yachts ever built.

It also has a digital control system that allows crews to raise and lowers the sails and anchor just by swiping.

The Russian industrialist’s newest yacht also includes rotating masts that were built by Magma Strustures at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth.

The boat was built at a shipbuilding yard near Hamburg and is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric system with a top speed of 21 knots about 24 mph.

Melnichenko has an estimated personal wealth of $10.1 billion making him the 11th richest person in Russia.

The 44-year-old also owns the A a USD$300 million private yacht that is 390ft.

Melnichenko married former model and pop singer Aleksandra Melnichenko in the south of France in 2005.


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