Russian Oil Giant Rosneft Wins US$2.3B Damages Over Bashneft Deal

MOSCOW, — A Russian court yesterday ordered private company Sistema to pay huge damages to state-controlled oil giant Rosneft over its controversial deal to acquire oil company Bashneft. Read more

Sixth Russian Diplomat Dies Suddenly Since November 8, 2016

Sudan’s foreign ministry says Russia’s ambassador to the African country has been found dead in his residence’s swimming pool in Khartoum. Read more

Turkey Detains Russian Man For Plotting Drone Attack on American Plane

Turkish authorities have detained a suspected Islamic State militant of Russian origin after he allegedly planned to use a drone to bring down a U.S. plane at the Incirlik air base, Dogan News Agency said on Thursday. Read more

Moldova Government Expels Five Russian Diplomats

Moldova’s foreign ministry has expelled five Russian diplomats, ordering Moscow to remove them in a move that outraged the country’s pro-Russian president. Read more

Russia Deports Israeli Rabbi, Second Deportation of Chabad Rabbi In 2017

Moscow – For the second time this year, Russian authorities have ordered out of the country a foreign Chabad rabbi who had lived there for years. Read more

Russian Fighter Jet and U.S. Navy Plane Come Within 20 Feet

A Russian fighter jet buzzed a U.S. Navy plane conducting surveillance operations in international airspace, the countries confirmed. Read more

Russian Navy Ship Sinks In Black Sea, All 78 Crew Rescued

Moscow – A Russian naval reconnaissance ship sank Thursday after colliding with a freighter off Istanbul, but all crew members were rescued, the Defense Ministry said. Read more

Russian Journalist, Putin Critic Dies After Severe Beating

A prominent Russian journalist known for articles criticizing Russia’s government and President Vladimir Putin has died at a hospital in St. Petersburg after being severely beaten by unknown assailants. Read more