Class Action Suit Claims Saudi Arabia Helped Prepare 9/11 Attack

An enormous class action lawsuit submitted against Saudi Arabia by 1,400 family members of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks has brought new details to light, while claiming that the Saudi embassy in the United States financed a “dry run” for the attack carried out by two Saudi agents. Read more

Did Iran Secretly Help North Korea?

North Korea’s sudden advancement in developing nuclear weapons may be due to secret support from Iran, the British Sunday Telegraph reports. Read more

Saudi Government Allegedly Funded A ‘Dry Run’ For 9/11

Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a “dry run” for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters. Read more

Syria Threatens ‘Serious Consequences’ For ‘Israeli’ Strike on Chemical Weapons Development Site

The Syrian army warned Israel of “serious consequences” Thursday after officially confirming media reports claiming Israeli fighter jets carried out a strike on targets on the state’s Scientific Studies and Research Center (CERS) near the city of Hama, which is responsible for research and development of nuclear, biological, chemical and missile technology and weapons. Read more

Syria: Israel Attacked Base

The Syrian army said in an official announcement that Israeli warplanes had attacked a military base in western Syria. Read more

British Soldiers Arrested Over Neo-Nazi Terror Plot

British authorities on Tuesday arrested four men they say were part of a terror cell aligned with a banned neo-Nazi movement. Read more

When Nasrallah Strikes A Deal With Assad

On his exit from the bunker, which he entered on his own volition 11 years ago, in one of the suburbs of Beirut, the secretary-general of Hezbollah tends to dress-up. Read more

Ex-Israeli Intelligence Chief: Trump Should Attack North Korea If He Can

United States President Donald Trump “should attack North Korea preemptively,” Former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said in an interview on Israeli radio on Sunday. Read more

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan In ‘Unprecedented’ Escalation

SEOUL, South Korea — Nuclear-armed North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday, South Korea’s military and the Japanese government said, in a major escalation by Pyongyang amid tensions over its weapons ambitions. Read more

Warsaw, Poland – Israeli Man In Custody After Hurting Policeman In Poland

Warsaw, Poland – Polish law enforcement officials say that an Israeli man is in police custody and receiving psychiatric care after slightly hurting a police officer in Warsaw with a knife. Read more