Big Scale Stolen Money Is Hidden Under The Artificial Image of Jewish Charity

Here below:

The photo of the prominent and distinguished, very respectable Rabbi Steinsaltz who is undoubtedly amongst the most prominent scientists of our generation. Next to him, Ms. Joelle Mamane.

The photo of Pope Francis. Next to him, Ms. Joelle Mamane.0202126

The photo of German chancellor Angela Merkel. Next to her, Ms. Joelle Mamane.

No need to provide information about the distinguished people next to Ms Joelle Mamane.

The entire world is familiar with them.

The question is: who is Ms Joelle Mamane that those distinguished people accepted to be next to them and demonstrated it publicly?

Indeed, Ms Joelle Mamane, in accordance with the advertisement that was extensively spread by herself and her boyfriend Gad Boukobza, is the president of the so-called Jewish Charity Foundation Matanel.

In accordance with the incorporation documents, the BVI company Matanel was set up in 2006 and is owned by Joelle Mamane and Gad Boukobza.

Since 1995, Joelle Mamane provided to Arcadi Gaydamak the fiduciairy services through the Luxembourg fiduciairy company Gestman that she owns together with her brothers, sisters and son.

On the account of the company Matanel, opened in the Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus), Joelle Mamane and Gad Boukobza accumulated many hundreds of millions dollars that they withdrew and stole with the assistance of Pierre Grotz, Serge Krancenblum and directors of Sella Bank where were deposited Gaydamak’s assets .

In order to hide their frauds and crimes, such as breach of trust, forgery, embezzlement, Mamane and Boukobza set up a coverage as a charity foundation and distributed in fact a few hundred thousands dollars in order to support a few humanitarian or charity activities that Mamane and Boukobza advertised extensively in order to let believe in their sanctity.

Currently the Luxembourg, French, American and Israeli judicial authorities are proceeding to the investigations concerning criminal acts committed by Mamane, Boukobza, shareholders and directors of Sella Bank, Grotz and Krancenblum.

All, even insignificant amounts in comparison to the amounts stolen (over a billion dollars) from Gaydamak and transferred since 2006 to a few dozens of entities and individuals as donations, are considered by the judicial authorities as money laundering, thus, in order to avoid pursuits, the so-called donations from Matanel should not be accepted.

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