Bank of Israel: Tycoon Loan Losses No Danger To Banks

The Bank of Israel on Sunday answered back critics who say lenders and regulators were too ready to give tycoons and their holding companies loans and too hesitant in trying to get repaid when the loans went bad. Read more

A Rabbi In Iran The Neturei Karta’s Fight Against Israel

The two-day Sixth International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Iranian capital of Tehran was a great opportunity to spout anti-Israel rhetoric for opponents to the Jewish state, including for a select few ultra-Orthodox Jews. Read more

IAF Strikes Syrian Army Outposts In Damascus Suburbs

The Israel Air Force allegedly attacked Syrian army outposts in al-Katif in the suburbs of Damascus early Wednesday, according to reports in Lebanon. Read more

IDF Soldier Azaria Sentenced To 18 Months Imprisonment In Controversial Manslaughter Trial

The Jaffa Military Court on Tuesday sentenced Hebron shooter Sgt. Elor Azaria to 1.5 years in jail for his manslaughter conviction for killing Palestinian attacker Abdel Fatah al-Sharif on March 24, 2015, as he lay wounded in a Hebron street. Read more

Israel – Crime Buster To Head Police Investigations Unit

Police Commissioner Insp.-Gen Roni Alsheich appointed longtime cop Dep.-Ch. Gadi Siso to head the police’s Intelligence and Investigations Division, a sensitive branch that oversees everything from organized crime, political corruption and white collar crime, among others. Read more

Israeli Researchers Develop Method To Catch Smartphone Thieves In 14 Seconds

An Israeli research team has developed a method that detects exactly how you press your touchscreen, so that it can identify someone else using your phone within 14 seconds. Read more

IDF Opens Investigation Into General Accused of Taking Bribe

Israeli military police has opened an investigation into an army general suspected of receiving money in exchange for helping a female soldier get a more desirable posting, the army confirmed Friday. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Faction Recruits Women In Drive Against Israeli Army Draft

Just days after tumultuous demonstrations around the country protesting the draft of ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students into the Israeli army, Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, who heads an extreme faction of the non-Hasidic ultra-Orthodox community, has begun recruiting women into the anti-conscription effort. Read more

El Al: If Pilots Quit, All Flights Will Be Grounded

The ongoing labor dispute at El Al has yet to end, and the airline has now issued a warning that the pilots’ resignation may lead to the grounding of all its planes. Read more