Three Young People Who Died At Hard Summer Rave In Fontana Were Ecstacy Overdoses

The three people who died at the Hard Summer rave in Fontana this summer all suffered from drug overdoses, the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office announced Wednesday. Read more

Australia Says Jewish Community ‘Discouraged’ Reporting Child Sex Abuse

SDNDEY — An Australian government report found that some members of the Jewish community had been “discouraged from reporting” allegations of child sexual abuse against employees of two yeshivas. Read more

Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini Reveals The Most Shocking Secrets of The Church

Though she’s known for bringing laughs with comedic performances in The King of Queens and Old School, Leah Remini’s latest project deals with very serious subject matter. Read more

Check Point Reveals 1,000,000 Google Accounts Were Hacked

Security researchers at Israeli software security company Check Point revealed Wednesday that a fresh Android security breach has resulted in more than one million Google accounts being hacked, accordng to a Channel 2 report. Read more

Bryant Weasel Disabled Boy Kicked off By American Airlines Cause Service Dog Was Too Big

Bryant Weasel gets kicked off American Airlines cause his service dog was deemed too big. What led to the airliner saying it couldn’t accommodate a disabled boy despite prior assurances? Read more

Armored Car Company offers $100G Gor Info on Man Who Stole $1.5M Barrel of Gold In NYC

The crook who stole a five-gallon barrel of gold from the back of an armored truck in the Diamond District may have fled to Florida and officials hope video and a large reward from the armored car company will help catch him. Read more

Indian Man In US Pleads Guilty To Planning Terror Attack, Assassination In India

RENO, Nevada — A citizen of India who received asylum in the US and lived in northern Nevada has pleaded guilty to conspiring to plot a terror strike in the Punjab region of his home country on the border with Pakistan, federal law enforcement officials said Tuesday. Read more