Amid Phone Threats To Jewish Community Centers, Crucial Decisions On Whether To Evacuate

The latest in a wave of bomb threat hoaxes called in to more than 20 Jewish community centers and schools across the country on Monday again put administrators in the position of having to decide whether a threatening message on the other end of a phone line was enough to shred their routines and put people on edge. Read more

Amazon’s Web Servers Are Down, Causing Massive Outages

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the division of the retail giant that provides the infrastructure for much of the internet, appears to have broken. Read more

Billionaire Property Tycoon Christian Candy Accused of Threatening To Trigger A Friend’s Wife Into Having A Miscarriage

Property billionaires Nick and Christian Candy have been accused of frightening another businessman’s wife so seriously that she took to sleeping in her children’s bedroom, while the family hired armed guards and installed CCTV to protect their home. Read more

Alleged Silk Road Administrator To Be Extradited To US

A Wicklow man alleged to be an administrator of the Silk Road website, which dealt with illegal drugs and hacking software, has been put into custody ahead of his extradition to the United States. Read more

‘Possible Cult Connection’ In Case of Sherri Papini

The mystery donor who offered a cash reward for the return of Sherri Papini before she was found beaten and bound on the side of a Yolo County road is publicly speaking about the case. Read more

NYPD Call To Break Up Fight In Mikveh

Brooklyn – Officers from the NYPD’s 66th precinct responded to a call last night at a Jewish ritual bath, where witnesses say two women came to blows over whose turn it was to immerse. Read more

Millions of Recorded Messages Between Parents and Children Targeted In Teddy Bear Toy Hack

It’s like something out of a B-grade spy movie private conversations between family members overheard via a listening device installed in the kids’ teddy bear. Read more

Chabad Rabbi Banned From Lithuania’s Main Synagogue

In an escalation of the internal feud dividing Lithuanian Jews, the Chabad movement’s senior emissary to the country was banned from the capital city’s main synagogue. Read more

Mounting Threats Against Jews Leave Security Expert Baffled and Concerned

The waves of bomb threats against American Jewish institutions and high-profile vandalism of Jewish cemeteries are challenging accepted notions of anti-Semitic attacks, a prominent security expert says, warning that the threat of violence has reached unprecedented levels. Read more