Haredi Posters Offer Kids Cash For Accosting Religious Soldiers

Posters offering ultra-Orthodox children cash prizes if they are arrested or hurt while accosting religious soldiers and policemen were found in the predominantly ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak on Tuesday, amid ongoing protests by extremist members of the community against Israel’s mandatory draft. Read more

Ugly Confrontation As ICE officers Arrest Immigrant In NYC

A Queens woman tried to block federal immigration officers from arresting her Guyanese husband Tuesday morning, prompting a standoff when neighbors started ripping President Trump, law-enforcement sources said. Read more

A Bnei Brak Teacher Molests Children But Parents are Too Afraid To React

Last night Israeli Canhnel 2 broadcasted another horrifying story from Bnei Brak, where a number of parents believe that one of the teachers has been sexually abusing their children for a several years. Read more

Swiss Man Who ‘Liked’ Posts Claiming Anti-Semitism Found Guilty of Libel

GENEVA, Switzerland — In a landmark ruling, a Swiss court has fined a man for “liking” comments on Facebook accusing an animal rights activist of being a “racist” and an “anti-Semite.” Read more

Jerusalem – State Attorney Bans Haredi Protests Outside IDF Officers’ Homes

The State Attorney has informed Chief of Police Roni Alsheich he is entitled to ban protests by extremist haredi activists outside the private houses of IDF personnel. Read more

Moldova Government Expels Five Russian Diplomats

Moldova’s foreign ministry has expelled five Russian diplomats, ordering Moscow to remove them in a move that outraged the country’s pro-Russian president. Read more

UK Police Refused To Help Jewish Family Under Attack By Anti-Semitic Stone Throwers

A Jewish family was reportedly pelted with stones by a group of youths shouting “Jews” at the Kent seaside in England over the bank holiday weekend, according to Jewish neighborhood watch group Shomrim. Read more

US May Expand Laptop Ban To All International Flights

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security may be expanding the ban on large electronics that’s been in place on several flights overseas since March. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Karine Abutbul Suspected of Helping Hide Missing Body

Israel Police on Sunday arrested Karine Abutbul, the wife of crime boss Asi Abutbul, on suspicion that she helped hide the body of criminal Moshe Hadas 17 years ago. Read more