Jerusalem – Jewish Extremist Meir Ettinger Freed Without Charges After 10 Months In Jail

Far-right Jewish extremist Meir Ettinger was released on Wednesday after 10 months in administrative detention.

Ettinger and two other far-right activists – Evyatar Slonim and Mordechai Meir – were arrested in August as part of a crackdown on Jewish extremists following the fatal torching of a Palestinian family in their home in Duma in the West Bank.

Both Slonim and Meir were released in February.

Last month the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) put out a statement saying that the detention of Ettinger was set to expire on June 1st, and that they would not seek to renew it. They added that they would put other limits on him in order to reduce “the danger he presents at this time.”

According to a spokesman for Honenu, the right-wing organization which has provided legal assistance for Ettinger, he is currently banned from the West Bank and Jerusalem, and will have to check in every night at a specific court approved residence. He is also banned from contacting 92 people whose names were collected by police and the Shin Bet.

The release of Ettinger was carried out following the second renewal of his detention, and taking into the balance between security issues and civil liberties.

Ettinger is seen as one of the leading extreme right figures in Israel, and his arrest and administrative detention were part of security forces efforts to combat “price tag” attacks and violent Jewish extremists in the wake of the Duma attack.

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