Shin Bet Junior Officials Accused of Theft, Fraud

Two employees of the Shin Bet security service were charged Monday with allegedly stealing public funds and forgery. Read more

Shin Bet Looking For Recruits Who Can Crack Cyber-Riddle

The Shin Bet domestic security agency launched a recruitment campaign last week to enlist new spooks to its cyber division, using a riddle that must be solved before anyone can apply. Read more

Big Brother Is Watching: How Israel Uses Big Data To Fight Terror

Israel’s security services have used the internet to thwart hundreds of potential terror attacks in less than a year, with the Shin Bet security service and Military Intelligence stopping 2,200 Palestinians at various stages of planning and preparing for attacks, mostly stabbings and car-rammings. Read more

Shin Bet Bars Israeli Basketball Team From Traveling To Turkey

Ironi Nahariya’s European campaign is in danger of ending prematurely after the Shin Bet notified the club on Tuesday that it refuses to approve the team’s trip to Gaziantep, Turkey for next week’s Europe Cup round of 16 second leg. Read more

Israel Recalled Egypt Ambassador Over Security Concerns

The staff of Israel’s embassy to Cairo has been recalled over security concerns. Read more

Israeli Secret Service Involved In Volkswagen Diesel Scandal

Yuval Diskin, the former head of Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence service, played an important role in the Volkswagen diesel scandal, according to a report in WirtschaftsWoche. Read more

IDF Suspends Colonel After Documents Swiped From His Car

The head of the IDF Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, suspended a colonel for one week beginning Thursday after classified documents and an encrypted cellphone were stolen from his vehicle, the army announced Sunday. Read more

Jerusalem – How Israel Killed A Hamas Mastermind & Honed Its War On Terror

The breakthrough came in April 1995. New intelligence obtained by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) pointed to the possibility that Yahya Ayyash, Hamas’s top bomb-maker, had somehow made his way from the northern West Bank to the Gaza Strip. Read more

The KGB’s and Israel Files # 2

As far as Moscow was concerned, the years leading up to the 1967 Six-Day War were a successful period for the Russian intelligence in Israel. Read more

The KGB’s and Israel Files # 1

No one seemed to suspect the mustachioed elderly man walking on the streets of a capital in the Baltics, towards the British Embassy’s gates. Read more