Shin Bet Bars Israeli Athletes From Traveling To Oman For Windsurfing Match

The participation of Israel’s windsurfers at next weekend’s world championships in Oman was thrown into serious doubt on Tuesday after the Ministry of Culture and Sport notified the Israel Sailing Association that the delegation is not allowed to fly out to the Muslim Sultanate on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Read more

Shin Bet: Hamas Suspects Arrested For Murder of Couple In Front of Their Children

A Hamas terrorist cell from Nablus was behind the October 1 murder of Eitam and Naama Henkin as they drove in their car near Itamar with their four children, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) domestic intelligence agency announced on Monday. Read more

Shin Bet Foils Plot To Smuggle In Raw Materials For Construction of Rockets

The Shin Bet released for publication on Monday that Israeli Security forces, along with custom officials, prevented the smuggling of two tons of fiberglass into the Gaza Strip through the Nitzana border, raw-materials essential for constructing long-range rockets. Read more

Shin Bet Admits: Lehava Perfectly Legal

Despite repeated attempts to get the Lehava anti-assimilation organization branded as illegal, there is not enough evidence to make a case for this to happen, the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) announced Tuesday. Read more

Kahane’s Grandson Arrested; First ‘Long-Term’ Jewish Arrest?

Police and Shabak agents on Monday were interrogating Jewish activist Meir Ettinger on his involvement in “organizing extremist Jewish activities in Judea and Samaria.” Officials said that they had not yet activated administrative detention rules against Ettinger, but sources said that they would do so if he did not “cooperate.” Read more

Shin Bet, Mossad Faulted For Lack of Sexual Harassment Investigations

Israel’s external intelligence service Mossad has only investigated one sexual harassment complaint in the past three years, while its internal counterpart the Shin Bet has only investigated two, data obtained by Ynet shows. Read more