Facebook’s WhatsApp Blocked In China Amid Censorship Push

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service has been partially blocked in China, following a censorship crackdown by the government. Read more

Former CIA officer Accused of Selling Top Secret Information To China

A Virginia man who worked for the State Department was charged Thursday with espionage, accused of selling classified documents to a person he believed was working for a Chinese intelligence agency. Read more

China Killed CIA Sources, Hobbled U.S. Spying From 2010 To 2012

The Chinese government “systematically dismantled” CIA spying operations in the country starting in late 2010 and killed or imprisoned at least a dozen CIA sources over the next two years, it was reported on Saturday. Read more

China Says Interpol ‘Red Notice’ Issued For Tycoon Guo Wengui

The Chinese foreign ministry confirmed on Wednesday that Interpol had issued a “red notice” seeking the arrest of Guo Wengui, a controversial tycoon who claimed to have evidence of corruption at the top of the Communist Party. Read more

US Defense official: Chinese Warship Stole US Underwater Dron

A Chinese Navy ship stole an American oceanographic underwater drone in the South China Sea approximately 40 miles west of the Philippines and about 150 miles from Scarborough Shoal, an area contested by the Chinese and the Philippines, two U.S. defense officials told Fox News. Read more

JPMorgan Chase To Pay $264M To Settle Foreign Bribery Charges

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to pay about $264 million to settle corruption charges that accused the investment bank of seeking to influence Chinese government officials by giving jobs and internships to their friends and relatives, the Securities and Exchange Commission said Thursday. Read more

Secret Back Door In Some U.S. Android Phones Sent Data To China

A Chinese manufacturer has installed ‘backdoor’ software on 700 million Android phones that shares data without users knowing. Read more

China Threatens To Cut Sales of iPhones and cars If Trump Pursues Trade War

US president-elect Donald Trump would be a “naive” fool to launch an all-out trade war against China, a Communist party-controlled newspaper has claimed. Read more

China Unveils Its J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet, Based on US Plans ‘Stolen’ By Hackers

The newest addition to China’s air force, the J-20 stealth fighter, will make its first public flight this week. Read more

China To Invest $11B In Russia’s Lake Baikal Tourism

Russian tour operator Grand Baikal has made a deal with Chinese investors to create a “world-class tourism cluster” in Siberia on the shores of the world’s deepest lake. Read more